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Internet Service Provider Buddha Colony

Broadband In Patna is an innovative and disruptive internet service provider company in Buddha Colony, dedicatedly working to deliver joy, advantage and success for people through and by the continuous pursuit of excellence in internet services. Our vision is to revolutionise broadband services in Patna Bihar India. As India’s first fibre internet service provider with our own fibre network, we have served business and home consumers have grown to deliver the most amazing internet experience to our consumers today. Today, home consumers of Broadband In Patna Broadband powered by Candor, airtel enjoy speeds of 20 Mbps and more putting them amongst the top 1% of internet users in India.

These amazing speeds are delivered with no limits on data usage whatsoever. Our customers, therefore, enjoy amazing speed, unlimited usage at very affordable prices. In addition they are supported by India’s first Tech Assist service which helps them optimally use their internet enabled devices. This is what makes us the network of choice for thousands of customers in Buddha Colony. For our business users, our revolutionary and disruptive Business Internet Access (BIA) products powered by Candor, airtel and our data-center products offering metered power, deliver an unfair advantage of abundance enabling them to do so much more within their budgets. Our marketing partner are justdail, broadbandhub and many more.